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What’s New?

I’m now an L1 certified Crossfit instructor. The experience was amazing! No I didn’t switch careers.  I’ve been too busy to call and let everyone know. The new gym is coming along great. The new website is getting closer to finished. We will be training people for races such as Tough Mudder and Run Ruckus in addition to Crossfit. We now have monkey bars and an 8 foot wall to climb. Follow us for great tips/WODs on Tough Mudder and Crossfit. If you are from Pittsburgh, come train with us! That’s all for now 🙂


Virginia is for Mudders and Super Ninjas

Tough Mudder Virginia 2011 Official Video

Tough Mudder Training in Pittsburgh

I’m in the process of putting together Tough Mudder / Crossfit training program at my gym. We will have monkey bars, climbing ropes, giant tires and even a “Berlin Wall” style obstacle for your training pleasure. One big bonus is having a giant 200 step public stairway right next to the gym.

If anyone has any ideas, please speak up and comment below…..

Tough Mudder Virginia 2011 Review

Be sure to set the video to 720p in the settings below. It will look much better.

A small sample of Tough Mudder Virginia 2011 with my commentary and review

To see more of the great obstacles from other people search “Virginia Tough Mudder 2011” on YouTube. There are a lot of great videos posted. Look for more to come.

This guy has one of the best helmet-cam videos I’ve seen. I gotta get one!

Runruckus Columbus 8/27/2011

Top 5% Overall Baby!!! 800+ Participants

TM Wisconsin Preview Pics

I just signed some members of the Pittsburgh Pain up for the Runruckus event in Columbus on August  27th. I can’t wait to do it, then do Warrior Dash in September. I know we will have a great time, but it’s all just killing time until Tough Mudder Virginia in October.

Tough Mudder preview pics on Facebook (click here)